Saturday, December 17, 2016

Strong wind, bay surf and downwinder to Port Melbourne

Session 398.  There was around 20 knots and no kites out at Hampton around noon, .  The wind picked up and some dark clouds were visible out over the bay.  I waited a while for things to settle then setup my Union 8 and headed out.   Anthony was on the water too.  Great wind, really solid and not too gusty.  I headed down to Green Point and caught some waves there over the reef.

The wind was really good so I kited back to Hampton. Stuart W had just arrived.  I got my downwinder gear (backpack, phone, money and travel card) then headed off.  

First big downwinder of summer!  It brought back lots of great memories.  I caught a few more waves at Green Point and the reefs of Brighton then kept going.

I made it past the Brighton Marina breakwater passing close then enjoyed some very fast kiting on the big swells past Elwood.  

The huge cruise ship at Port Melbourne provided a good sight marker to head for.  There was nobody else around.  A downwinder provides meditation - the racing board, the powered kite, the bay swells and the views. 

From Port Melbourne I kited back to St Kilda and did a run it the Kiddies Pool before landing and having and calling in to The Zu Boardsports.

Devonshire Tea went down well at the West Beach Pavilion, then I walked to Fitzroy St and caught the 96 tram to Spencer St then the Sandringham line train back to Hampton.  Wearing a wetsuit and carrying my board attracted the usual attention from others. 

Downwinders are always a highlight, particularly when the wind is so good.


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