Saturday, April 01, 2017

Kitesurfing at Hampton, some good wind at last

Session 408. Some welcome wind made for a good session at Hampton. There was a good bay swell and some nice rollers to ride in.  I did some longer tacks out and some nice jumps to get upwind then surfed the big swell back to the beach.

There was about 8 kiters out so it wasn't crowded.  Paul and Greg appeared on their foil boards coming back from a tour up towards Black Rock.  Its easy and apparently effortless to cover huge distances on them.

I was a bit rusty after a couple of weeks of the water but my gybes are now almost effortless. I can switch my feet together now without the one-two motion.  Just thinking about a Duck Tack still does my head in though.  

Its getting colder so it was my first session in a full length wetsuit for a while.  Daylight saving ends tonight so some Dawn Patrol sessions could be coming and possible even a Kite to Work!

Its a lean time of year for wind as the sea breezes are dropping out.

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SurfVista said...

I made a kitesurfing there about one year ago. An amazing experience! Wish I will go there back soon, I met great people and had really good time.