Sunday, May 20, 2018

Kitesurfing waves then a downwinder Aspendale to Frankston, always a blast!

Session 444. Nice kitesurfing bay waves in steady winter wind at Aspendale on Sunday morning.  There were very few people about.  There was a good turnout: Stu W, Stu S, Tarren, James, Rich and myself.  The wind was holding up so I got my drypack ready then did a downwinder to Frankston surfing waves the whole way. 

Getting past Patterson River was easy, then there were more glorious waves.  The beauty of a dowwinder is you can scope out good sandbanks and cruise out to them on the way.  Seaford pier is the only obstacle, although there seems to be many more yellow poles in the water (restricted zones) now.

Landing at Frankston near Waves on The Beach restaurant was easy. I packed up on the grass lawn close to Kananook Creek then walked down Wells Street, stopping for a good coffee at Rockatillos sitting outside.

There was a surprise at the Frankston train station - it is closed while being rebuilt.  Substitute buses are available BUT they say no bikes or surfboards . . .  I was lucky that the friendly MET assistants and the bus driver let me on so I could get to Carrum, then catch the train back to Aspendale.


Part A: Wave riding at Aspendale

Part B: Aspendale to Frankston downwinder

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