Saturday, June 16, 2018

Winter kitesurfing dawn patrol at Seaford, chilly but rewarding

Session 445. Dark, chilly and windy morning at Seaford.  I started with my Wave 6m kite in case the wind got stronger.  I was able to stay upwind for a couple of tacks but was a bit underpowered.  The wind dropped further so I landed the kite and setup my Union 8m which was the right kite for the conditions.

Good waves and some nice winter sunshine.  I used my drysuit which was a bit too warm until a bit of water leaked in through the chest zip - I noticed later that I hadn't closed it properly.   The dry suit is a bit like being inside a car - it really does separate you from the element.  A wetsuit has a better feel and their is basically no chance of operator error with zips etc.

Every winter kitesurfing session is a bonus, its great to get out.

Coffee at the Beach Cafe Seaford (looking down the pier and across the bay) afterwards was excellent too.

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