Sunday, July 15, 2018

Short winter kitesurfing session and flukey wind at Frankston

Session 447. Another chilly morning and a northerly.  Some of the crew head for Rosebud.  Stu S, Jop, Luca and I decided to have a go at Frankston. The wind was sideshore at Seaford so we drove down to the car park next to Waves on The Beach cafe/restaurant.  There is also a lot of sand on this beach.

We had some nice runs for about 30 minutes but the wind was getting weaker closer to shore - I think it had some east in it.  I stayed out for a couple of more tacks and noticed that the other three were all on the shore with their kites down, so I thought it prudent to head in to avoid a long swim from offshore.

Getting closer to shore the wind dropped right off. Looping the kite got me in a bit closer until it dropped and I walked to the shore. Luca grabbed my kite.

We packed up and went to Cafe Moto for coffee and muffins.

Winter wind can be very fickle, so it pays to be cautious. It picked up gain after an hour.  The guys at Rosebud had good consistent wind.

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