Sunday, July 22, 2018

Cracking winter kitesurfing at Rosebud in "tropical" weather

Session 448.  A cracking winter kitesurfing at Rosebud in "tropical" weather - one of my best there.  Got down there at 9 with James, Stu S, Jop, Luca, Mike and Richard with the wind blowing a steady 20 knots and a high tide.

It was easy to get out to the first sandbar where some good waves were breaking.  Azure green water, sunshine and good wind were a magic combination.  It felt tropical, except for the chilled water.

I did some nice speed runs on the flat water lagoon close to shore with the sandbars all covered.

The waves were so good I did a downwinder towards Rye and got back with a few tacks.

There were lots of smiles on dials after this session! 

Stu S, Jop, Luca and I had a relaxing lunch and coffee in the warmth of The Corner Cafe

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