Sunday, October 28, 2018

Noosa kitesurfing - hit the jackpot at the Gold Coast!

Session 453. We drove the the Gold Coast to catch a good Predictwind forecast.  Our kitesurfing buddy Franz who now lives in Brisbane advised us to kite at Narrowneck which is north of Main Beach.  The 2.5 hour drive was well worth it.

We arrived at 11 with over 15 knots of wind.  I have a great session on my Union 10 enjoying the scenery and cruising around.  It wasn't difficult keeping away from the flagged swimming areas.

Everyone got on the water with only one other kiter there.  The wind picked up at 1:00 so we had a break for food and drink then got our smaller kites to continue.  The wind speed increased over 30 knots and the waves got bigger too.  

I was well powered on my Union 8m kites tied on the lower knots.  Some webbing on my bar broke so I swapped to my spare bar (good to have a spare, check your gear!) and went out again with the wind up to and over 35 knots which was a blast.

We didn't get organised to do the downwinder to the Spit.  One guy cruised past on a foil surfboard, pumping it to get out then surfing in one a wave.  Looked really cool.

We drove back very tired and had a good pizza dinner at the Cinque Terra restaurant at Sunshine Beach then an early night.

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