Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Foiling at St Kilda, getting better but still learning

Session 498. Another go at kitesurf foiling, still very much learning. I got going on the port tack and was able to keep the board either on the water or up on the foil with any major problems. I was focusing on controlling the board and not going too fast. 

It was more difficult on the starboard tack, as I recall this was the case fourteen years ago when learning to kitesurf. 

I edging the board which caused it to keep carving in, eventually my feet came out and my shins hit the defined edge of the Double Agent board (similar to a twin tip edge).  Ouch!  Some bruising was evident later. I headed back to the beach and walked back.

Once again I conclude that learning to use a foil board is not easy but I am making progress.

Modern freestyle boards are much easier to use and learn on, but I intend to persist with the Double Agent until I can cruise around and stay upwind. 

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