Saturday, February 08, 2020

Kitesurfing Shoreham to Flinders in a good easterly - superb!

Session 499.  On the water at Shoreham at 8:30 with a nice easterly. Kitesurfed the small swell at Little Noosa break just off Shoreham then headed south along the coast. The best swell was coming into the The Farm break with some good sets rolling into the beach.

Lots of reef around though, I hit one when turning and the board sank into the water.  I continued up towards the Flinders Pier for a look then headed back enjoying the large swells.

If you haven't kited in this area before take it easy and have a good look around for the first time until you suss out the reefs and bombies.

A great time was had by Stu S, Stu W, James and myself.  Ear to ear grins at the finish after a superb session. We stopped for a good coffee at the Merrricks General Store on the way home.

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Greeat read thank you