Sunday, December 06, 2020

Kitesurfing downwinder Aspendale to Frankston on the Wave 6 #514

Session 514. My sore hip is feeling much better and the MRI last week didn't show any major problems (despite the pain!) so it was time for some more kitesurfing with a solid westerly blowing. 

I got to Aspendale at 11:00, James and Stuart were on the water. I got on the water after a squall passed on my Airush Wave 6 aiming to enjoy the bay surf.  After a couple of tacks I headed downwind enjoying the waves without the need to tack back.  There was good surf.  

There is now more yellow poles along the way with large sections marked as "no boating" so I stayed out past them. The Wave 6m kite is good for surfing - the last time I did this trip I was overpowered on my 8.  

Down past Seaford there were some other kiters out, then more down at Frankston.  I kiter on the beach landed my kite saving me the hassle of releasing the safety.  He had access to a kiters bathing box right on the beach that is owned by a local kiter. That's the first time I have seen one used for kiting and its a great setup.

I stopped for lunch in Frankston then boarded the train back to Aspendale.  There is a now a bonus view on the train trip back with the new elevated Carrum station providing a great view across the bay.

My hip was fine afterwards which was a relief.

Here is a cool 3D animation of the trip

Video to follow.

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