Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Kitesurfing Walkerville down along reef to the beach and back past Bird Island #515

Session 515. Scored my first session at Walkerville in a good easterly.  There was sand to launch from with the tide receding from high. Once on the water I tacked north coming in close to the reef.  After a few tacks I got down as far as the sandy beach north of the camping ground, dodging a few section of reef that occur further out. 

My right leg was holding up OK with the effort although it was still not 100% and pain in my hip and thighs caused by a disk bulge in my bag compressing a nerve causing radiating pain.

I was able to tack upwind past Walkerville South and Bird Island enjoying the scenery, then on towards Diggers Island. The coast is very rocky in this section so its definitely not a good place to drop your kite or swim in.  Walkerville South has a nice beach that would be suitable for launching and landing kites but its in a cove so the wind would not often get in there.

Coming back past Bird Island I surfed some swells then continued on in towards the beach and Walkerville North. In close to shore I carefully stepped my way through the reef (booties are essential) to get to the sand where the boat vehicle access track descends to the beach. then landed the kite on the sand.

This was a very scenic tour and good kiting once clear of the reefs, but its definitely not a place for beginners.  The reef is gnarly and there are very limited launching and landing options.

Here's the video 

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