Sunday, August 21, 2022

Kitesurfing Kaliantan cruising to the reef and speed runs #559

Kitesurfing session 559. We got a lift in the van again to Kaliantan around noon.  We parked near Tampa Boleq again (easy access for the van) and walked the short distance to the kite beach. The vehicle track to the kiting location is rougher.

I took my 10m kite but there was less wind around 15 knots - I could have used my 12. Taking both kites is best! 

I tacked out to the reefs, then did a slalom run back to the beach then some speed runs in the lagoon.

The water was clear and warm and the weather was good.

Stu S dropped his kite in the light wind and got dragged through one of the aquaculture constructions. Somehow he threaded his way through it and managed to relaunch his kite.

Another great day kitesurfing.

Hermann helping out

Kitebeach, Pantai Cemara

Kiting past aquaculture

Kite high!

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