Sunday, August 21, 2022

Surfing Inside Ekas from Ekas Panorama, Lombok

The two Stuarts and I took an outrigger canoe to the Inside Ekas surf break in the morning. There were around 15 people surfing there.  People come across from Kuta by boat and also from access point below Ekas Surf Resort (who have one SUP for hire).

The reef break was clean but not too easy to catch. I wasn't having much success on my the surfboard I rented from Ekas but it was great to be out there watching others carve up the waves.

I eventually caught one and got a good ride in then headed back to the canoe feeling quite tired. Surfing is hard work for me - lots of paddling and my sternum was tender from the harness pressure in yesterday's very strong winds.

Some days there is no surf at this location. Outside Ekas reef break generally has bigger waves.

We headed back to Kaliantan in the afternoon for more kitesurfing.

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