Thursday, August 24, 2023

C2C Pyrenees ride day 2. Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port Cycling to Laruns in 40C heat

After a nice start in rolling Basque country we did a brutal steep climb ("George's Hill") up a narrow asphalt road the climbed a ridge for what seemed like eternity.

George ran out of water a third of the way up and bailed up a French fellow descending on an e-bike who asked him how old he was then stated "you don't belong here" but then gave him some water.

It was a fast descent into the 40C heat passing some cows with bells and horses on the road.

I had a long stop to recover in Tardets-Sorholus at the Restaurant des Pyrénées for drinks and lunch. George showed up and had a meal and a long rest too. I figured it was better to wait for the heat of the day to pass before continuing.

Restaurant des Pyrénées 

But it was still hot when we started cycling again. George and I dipped in a river to cool off during the hot ride to Laruns stopping every 10k to cool down in 40C heat.

The air conditioned MademoiselleChloé cafe in Oloron-Sainte-Marie was a nice stop too.

We then climbed up through forest in very hot and humid air.

We asked at a farmhouse for water, the friendly lady gave us some. She said her son lives in Brisbane.

We had takeaway pizza for dinner in Laruns - all the restaurants were booked out. Its a busy tourist place.

Post script: All six riders say that "Georges Hill" is the steepest hardest climb they have done. Basque Country is known for steep hills.

Restaurant des Pyrénées 

MademoiselleChloé cafe

MademoiselleChloé cafe

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