Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Kitesurfing Augusta, Parry Beach and Albany in South West WA - trip summary

We booked flights, vehicles and accommodation at Geraldton for a kitesurfing trip. Six people came from Victoria (Dan, Mike, Garry, Tony, Anthony, Lee, Taz and myself) are three were WA locals (Gaz, Adam, Neil).

The out-of-season heatwave with very strong hot easterly winds over Perth and up as far as Geraldton (our planned destination) resulted in a very poor wind forecast for Geraldton so we changed our location to South West WA where the wind forecast was much better.

Day 1. Kitesurfing Augusta WA in surf and flatwater

We drove to Augusta, arriving mid afternoon and setup for kiting.  The wind was a bit soft but the location was great - good waves and flatwater.

Day 2. Parry Beach kitesurfing with good wind and surf

Two excellent kitesurfing sessions today Parry Beach.  There is ramp down to the beach so we drove on onto the beach and parked near the inlet mouth. The wind and waves were good. I was a bit overpowered on my 8m kite and was wishing I had brought my 6.

The section of off rock and reef in places added some interest!

Day 3. Parry Beach kitesurf in bigger waves and blue water

We scoped out Ocean Beach an Hillier Beach but decided that Parry Beach would be the best location. Bigger surf was more challenging.

Gaz cooked a super lunch on the beach.

I finished the day with a short downwinder back to the beach entry ramp.

Day 4. Albany - Shoal Bay kitesurfing flatwater speed runs and boosting

The wind direction changed to have some North in it so we headed to Albany to check out some better locations for kitesurfing.

Middleton Beach and Goode Beach both had 30+ knots onshore and dumping waves. Christian from Kitebud was in the area and advised that Albany Shoal Bay Kite Spot was worth a go.

He was right - the flatwater kiting was superb.

As a bonus he checked out my bar and tuned it - adjusting the front lines and the safety line.  I hadn't done that for a while so it was great to get it sorted.

After a solid day we drove back to Denmark and had a good dinner in the Denmark Tavern.

The next day we did the 4.5 hour drive back to Perth Airport, passing through only one town on the way.

Overall, an epic trip.  

Next time for WA we will leave bookings to the last few days so we can go where the wind is.


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