My videos

Kitesurfing downwinder Hampton to Port Melbourne

Kitesurfing Port Melbourne kitecam linemount, no sharks

Kitesufing wave camp in Bali

Kitesurfing in 35+ knots at Inverloch

Kitecan at Hampton with some jumps

A local kitesurfer in action on the day, using a 7m kite and a Cabrinha S-Quad board 5'9"

Helmet cam at Hampton - Stuart in action

Kitesurfing downwinder at Port Douglas with sea creature

Hampton with a helmet-cam and a crash

Helmetcam at Altona buzzing in a good easterly

Kitecam at Hampton (my first)


Anonymous said...

Winter kitesurfing in the Netherlands

Peter Campbell said...

Wow, that's very cold! Nice rescue in that very cold water.