Friday, January 06, 2006

Session 7 – Up and going, making progress

5 January 2006

Wind 20 knots – Southerly
Weather fine
5pm start, fairly crowded.
Stopped about 7pm. Helmet on.

I thought that the wind might be a little bit too strong but decided to have a go “at the upper margin”. My 12m Cabrinha Crossbow is rated to maximum windspeed of about 21 knots.

I rigged up with a crossed line so I had to re rig.

  • I gotup and going to the left well. Up and running, but still going too fast. Corrected by edging board and heading more upwind.
  • One big crash when I was not sure about a kiter coming towards me and distracted. The kite inverted and twisted, so I “sailed to shore”, let some pressure out of the leading edge bladder, walked back and re-rigged.
  • More successful left tacks with a controlled stop.
  • Less successful on right tack – still not getting enough power and staying too far upwind. Then I got some more power, followed by board heading a bit more downwind. This did the trick as I got up and running for a short time. Basically, I had one very successful “out and back run”.
  • I was worried about losing board, particularly as I am now getting out quite a way. So I tend to let the kite land, swim to the board, then relaunch the kite. However, this increases the risk of the kite inverting and not being able to relaunch, and is also a hazard for other kiters. Better to body drag back to the board?


What a blast, I am really getting going now and my confidence is building.

One other kiter recommended putting name on board (& “reward”) NOT using a leash. He has had his returned twice after losing it during Winter.

The waist harness still riding high on wetsuit, so I will get a seat harness.

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