Thursday, January 19, 2006

Session 9. Aborted with a snapped line

January 18 2006

Back to St Kilda for another solo session.

I was feeling a bit dubious after the encounter with the other kite at the last session.

I rigged up and joined the queue of beginners learning.

When attempting to get going, the right rear line snapped, resulting in the kite crashing not too heavily into the water. Upon examining the lines, they had been damaged during the line-crossing incident at the last session. I didn't pick this up when I was running the lines out during rigging, but there were several spots in both rear lines where there were serious wear points.

I was lucky the line did not snap when I was out from shore.

So I packed up and went home.


Always check your lines when rigging the kite. If you have any accident or incident involvling the lines, check them very carefully.

I visited SHQ and got some replacement lines. They did not have the exact Crossbow replacement lines, but they did have 25m Cabrinha lines of equal length but different colour coding. However, they were about 5cm shorter than the existing lines, so I bought a complete new set (for about $200) and have kept the original two front lines as spares.

Ivan (of SHQ) fitted the lines outside the shop, which involved changing the attachment method for the front lines. We got rid of the "quick release" fitting that nobody uses and simplified the attachment. Then the lines were fine tuned for length.

Both rear lines are equal length - test with all for lines under tension and the bar being even. The rear lines are slightly shorter than the front lines.

Check the front lines for equal length by holding the together then stepping forward - both should sag evenly.

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