Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Session 26: Rye in winter with good wind

Kitesurfing at Rye, Arthurs Seat in the background.

After a prolonged period with no kitesurfing, it was great to get onto the water. A northerly was blowing at around 20 knots down at Rye so I took my kite down on a family trip to the Mornington Peninsula.

The water was cool but not cold. I stayed warm in my 3mm steamer.

I tried out my new short board - a Litewave Tsunami. It went upwind really well and turns much better than my older Cabrinha board. However, my feet with wetsuit booties would not fit through the foot straps well, so I ended up using my surf socks and putting up with cold feet. I think I need to fit some wider straps over winter to accomodate the booties, then swap back to the narrow straps for summer.

The wind was nearly on shore so the runs were close to the beach. The new board edged well but was a bit harder to stay up on. Heel turn jibs seemed much easier. The board is really easy to flick around and quite a stable platform.

Here is the wind map - quite consistent wind for winter.

And some photos of Georges who was also having a great time.

Rye pier in the background

Good air with Rye pier in the background


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Peter,
It's me on the pics.
Nice shots, yeah it was a great session!
I hardly go to Rye, as I usually ride in Brighton (even in Northerly winds) or Altona, but it's really worth the 1h+ drive during winter.

I'm going back to France in two month time, can miss out any single session left, I bet my wetsuit will still be wet arriving in Paris.

I wish you all the best kitesurfing.



Anonymous said...

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pablo said...

greetings from Spain!!