Monday, December 29, 2008

Mounting a kitecam

I am setting up a kitecam to take video while kiting. The model of the camera is an Oregon Scientific ATC-2K which can take about 1h of footage (VGA 640 X 480 30 frames per second) on a 2 gig SD card. The device uses 2 AA batteries. It is a bit tricky to navigate the menu using the small LCD screen, but once set up it doesn't need adusting.

Side view

Top view

I may get lucky and get some footage like this amazing still photo from a kite-mounted camera taken by Dave Sheridan of him kiting over a whale! [link]

I have had the camera for a while and have been "too busy" to set it up. But a light wind day at Gnotuk Ave was a good opportunity to rig it.

After a bit of research on the Internet, it seems the best place for the camera is mounted on the main central spar. This puts it out of harms way and points it at the rider.

I also rigged up a nylon safety line to secure the camera in case the main mount system fails.

Camera mounting, kite leading edge down on beach

Camera mounting, kite upside down on beach

Camera mounting detail, note safety line to kite securing loop (used while inflating)

Now I just need another windy outing to shoot some footage. The camera will only be "right way up" for one tack - for the other one it will be upside down.


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Peter Campbell said...

A word of caution on this mounting method from a reader of this blog:

hi peter just a word of caution i tried mounting my cam in that position made sure it was good and tight, but unfortunately while doing a trick it went wrong as they do and the cam went straight through the canopy creating a 300 mm rip in it and to top it all i had 1hr of footage that would not play back the shock must of freaked it out.i am now trying to mount it on the center lines, have fun and lets know how you get on