Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hampton after work and some big air

Session 45
  • Wind: 20 to 25 knots, southerly
  • Max speed: 37.5 km/h
  • Trip: 27.9 km
  • Time: 01:20
  • Kite: Crossbow 12m
Headed down to Hampton after work as the wind had sprung up late in the afternoon. It seemed a bit to strong for the 14m kite so I took out the 12. Heading out into the waves, there were some good ones to launch off. I got some big air this session. It felt like 3 to 4 meters. Up up and away! Reasonable control for the descent and a fairly gentle touch down. A couple of jumps at speed which landed with speed too.

Sore forearms afterwards - I really noticed the bar pressure of the Crossbow today.

I had my camera mounted to my helmet but it seems to have played up and not recorded. Overall, a great session. Skills progressions I am working on are toe down riding - which feels quite weird, controlled kiteloops, and jumping. Stuart recommended doing backflips too, which he says are easy.


Russell said...

Love reading your reports.. I was out yesterday afternoon at Altona; Awesome time, I'm only a beginner, just getting on the board. But last night (at last) it suddenly seemed to click! I think it was mainly down the wind conditions which were pretty close to perfect.

Peter Campbell said...

Thanks Russell. Altona is a great spot. When Stuart and I left Hampton there were still 3 keen kiters on the water and sun was about to set!

That "click moment" when you get up and going is a real progression - congratulations. Consider yourself hooked. Next progress is to go upwind!