Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jelly fish in Port Phillip Bay and a Pelican

I got some close up photos of the Blue Blubber jellyfish that we see in Port Phillip Bay while kitesurfing and swimming.  While they are not classified as poisonous, they can apparently cause an itchy rash.  If you come in contact with these the treatment is to apply vinegar or Stingose then wash it with salt water (not fresh water).

The other jellyfish found in the Bay are the Lion's Mane (treat as for the Blue Blubber), Southern Tailed and Moon.

And here is a Pelican taking off

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Unknown said...

I've been stung by a bay jelly a couple of times. Mainly while tracking back upwind to my board which requires using your free hand as a rudder, under the water to steer you, while your other hand flies the kite. Dragged my arm straight across the jelly fish. As you said, it doesn't really hurt. Just an uncomfortable itch that lasts about 30 minutes or so. I've never bothered to treat it with anything as it wasn't too bad.