Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still no wind so a bike ride to Cape Tribulation

A low pressure cell has settled down south and is disrupting the SE trade winds in Far North Queensland.  However, this means sunny days and clear skies, so I did a fantastic bike ride to Cape Tribulation and back today.  Riding through the rainforest is superb and its a stiff climb over the Alexandria range.

I dunked my legs in the sea at the Cape Tribulation beach, then returned for a nice lunch at the Thornton Beach cafe before cycling back to Port Douglas (in about 3.5 hours).

There are many things to do in Port Douglas when the wind is not blowing - such as cycling, reef trips, walks and day tours.  But I would rather be kitesurfing!

The four flavoured icecream from the Daintree Icecream Company was superb too - blueberry, wattleseed (like coffee), passionfruit and soursob.  All made locally without chemicals.

The Daintree is a very special place, and on this occasion was not overrun by cars and tourists,  It is well worth a visit.  Now I just need to kitesurf along the coast - giving the mouth of the Daintree River a very wide berth.

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