Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two good downwinders along 4 Mile Beach

Session 90, Thursday 27 May 2010

Kite: Switchblade 14m
Location: Port Douglas - 4 mile beach
Wind: 10 to 15 knots SE
Duration: 2+ hours

First downwinder 

From the South end of 4 mile beach to the Surf club at the North end.

The wind was blowing at last in the morning.  After a few upwind tacks it dropped a little so I decided to go for a downwinder while the going was good.

Great fast runs with some excellent carving on the small swell. Good speed and a few jumps. Dodged the "wind hole" half way along the beach.  Landed about 100m before the jellyfish net swimming area.

Coffee and a rest at the cafe, then walked into town and caught the bus back. Stoked.

Second downwinder 

The wind picked up again on my return so I headed out again. It dropped off as I headed out so I went downwind again. Less wind and speed this time. I did quite a few kiteloops in both directions to keep powered up.

Landed about 500m from the surf club. Realauched the kite a couple of times using the front lines with the kite on its trailing edge (low wind relaunch) but not enough power to get going. Walked to the surf club then out to the road.

Fabian, a fellow kiter (a Columbian who lives in Port Douglas and works on Quicksilver) gave me a lift right back to 4 mile.

A short ride on the Ozone Zephyr 17m 

The wind was still light. Brett and Al took out the new 17m Zephyr. I gave it a go late too late in the day. It turns very well and flies similar to my Switchblade 14m and has a little more power.

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2010-05-27 Kitecam 4 mile


Anonymous said...

Hey Pete,

Sounds like you had a hoot up there with the downwind at 4 mile beach. It's looks great fun. So did you guys stay @ Port Douglas?

Peter Campbell said...

Yes, we stayed for the first week in an apartment near Treetops, Chloe loved the ponds with fish there, and swimming in the pool at Treetops.

The second week I stayed at the Ti Tree Resort - a bit closer to 4 Mile Beach park and they had wifi too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete. My partner and I intnd to go there in June. Any chance we could meet Fabian? I am Chilean myself and it would be great to have some advice from a local and tht also speaks Spanish like me. We have inlaws that live in Cairns and intend to also kite yorkies on our 10 day trip. Any local contacts appreciated. 0434879784. Thx

Peter Campbell said...

elCaito, not sure who Fabian is. Contact Bretto at Windswell 0427 498 042 for information on kiting at and around Port Douglas.