Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Upwind at Port Douglas

Session 89, Sunday 18 May 2010

Kite: Switchblade 14m
Location: Port Douglas - 4 mile beach
Wind: 15 knots SE
Duration:  1h 15 minutes

Good wind blew up during the afternoon. I headed oiut at 3:30 and kited for over an hour. There were about 10 other kiters out in the warm water and fine weather.

I took out the 14 - it was well powered. I decided to kite upwind through the reef to get some flatter water. Two other kiters were having fun.  One of them was Juoko - a Port Douglas winter regular.

Nice flat water behind the reef and some small surf near the shore. It is a great area to practice and play.

I did some kite-down turns successfully, and stuffed a couple up. On one occasion I lost my board and was glad I was wearing some reef socks as I walked back to get it over the uneven shallow reef.

I saw a couple of sea turtles duck under as I passed by.

I got some big jumps in too - some landed nicely. A great session to get back onto tropical waters. The breeze picked up for the last half hour by another 5 knots.

Got my gear washed and stowed on the grassy rigging spot. No beach shack this year though - looks like the Council has had it removed.

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