Monday, October 31, 2011

Cruising the inlet on the surfboard at Inverloch

Session 155, Monday 31 October 2011

Not much wind about today, but a sea breeze came in late afternoon.  I drove to the inlet (sailing club) to check it out.  A couple of kiters were cruising further downwind and a couple more arrived and setup.

The wind was light - around 15 knots - but I decided there was enough to power the 12m Noise and my surfboard.

It was nice to do some runs on the surfboard getting a feel for it.  The fore and aft balancing is more challenging, especially with the rear foot out of the footstrap.  I switch my feet for the left tack as this is my rusty side for toeside riding.  I tried gybing for the right tack and almost got it once.  Its certainly tricky.

I was able to ride toeside for one tack too when the wind picked up a bit.   Stuart was able to just stay upwind as well.  The tide was on the way out so some sandbars emerged as we kited.

I got a couple of nice speed runs in when the wind picked up briefly, which was good fun.

Location: Inverloch surf beach
Kite: Noise 12m
Wind: 15+ knots, S
Time: 5:00 to 6:00
Board: Cabrinha S-quad

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