Saturday, August 18, 2012

Short, sweet and nippy kitesurfing at Hampton

Session 186. Saturday 18 August 2012 

Big storms rolled through all morning with strong winds, big gusts and some heavy rain.   After midday the rain stopped and conditions stabilised.  I got down to the beach mid afternoon to find nice wind a about 6 kiters out at Hampton.  

There was a bit of swell but not as big as it can be at Hampton.  I did a nice run out and peeked around Green Point to the city then came back to Hampton.  I cranked a few giant slalom turns to come back into the beach and had some nice runs past the groyne and into the small surf.  

I noticed that turns with very fast board speed resulted in me catching up with kite, which then lost some power.  Slower faster turns keep the power delivery smoother.

Riding toeside was easy in the conditions.   I came in when the wind dropped and packed up. 

Got some nice shots with a helmet cam (Contour ROAM) and kitecam.

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