Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kitesurfing Frankston with a tour and a strong northerly

Session 232.  A great northerly was on so we headed for Frankston and setup on the beach. One other kiter was there so it certainly wasn't crowded. Stuart took out his Crossbow 7 while I used my Lithium 9. The waves were great fun. There was a nice swell rolling in. The wind was strong and not too gusty.

We spend some time enjoying the waves, then took off on a tour down towards Mornington. It was great to go for an explore.  We cruised out past Mount Eliza, about half way to Mornington.  There were some big swell rolling past and the coastal scenery here is nice.  Lot of bluffs and cliffs with very few beaches.

We turned and headed back then did some tacks to get around the Frankston pier and back to our start point.  The picked up in strength to around 30 knots as we finished.  Four other kiters were out at Seaford.

Overall, a really nice session.

That's my kite!  Photo: Stuart Webb


Stuart Tarzan Man said...

Fantastic shots on the waves pete from the kitecam.

Peter Campbell said...

Thanks Stuart, I was happy with the shots! Video was shot at 90 degrees so not sure I will bother with that.

Great session, up there with the best!