Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nice upwind kitesurfing tour from Aspendale to Mordialloc

Session 257. I got on the water at Gnotuk Avenue Aspendale at about 11am. The wind was stronger earlier - I missed the early session - but was still around 15 knots with some white caps around. I chatted the only other kiter there who had taken out a 10m kite and struggled to stay upwind.

I rigged up my Lithium 12, then chose to take out my Sector 60 board in case the wind dropped out further. This was a refresher for the Sector 60. I came off a few times when turning, but got the hang of it quickly. The turning is very different from a surfboard - I find I need to keep carving it around then lean back to complete the turn then swap my feet.

I was getting plenty of speed and going upwind well so I did several tacks out then back to shore into the waves. I got past Mordialloc pier without much effort then headed back past the pier with some fast downwind runs and into the waves.

I was did several downloop turns heelside to toeside to stay on some waves which was really nice. The Sector 60 handles these conditions well.

I came in after an hour, very happy to have got on the water again and covered some distance.

No technology today.  GPS was flat and I left my cameras behind.  I did see a few Blue Blubber jellyfish in the water though.  They seem to be about earlier this year.

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