Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kitesurfing a brisk north westerly at Brighton

Session 256.   I arrived at Brighton and 2pm and met Cesar who had just returned with 4 other kiters from Frankston by taxi, having completed a downwinder from Brighton!  Unfortunately I had a commitment in the morning so I missed this one.

There was still good wind at Brighton however, so I rigged up and headed out.  I notice one strap on the camera mount was undone so I came in and refitted it.  Then it was on!  Nice strong wind in the sunshine.  It was up and down a bit but I was well powered (depowered even) for a lot of this session.

Several larger yachts passed offshore, possibly racing.  I cruised past a few of them and waved.  My gybes are much smoother now, practice makes perfect . . .  I did a few jumps too.  There were about a dozen kiters out and everyone was having a good time.

Summer is on its way.

GPS log

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