Sunday, February 09, 2014

Kitesurfing Hampton strapless after the front

Session 279.  A big front ripped through after midday. We waited for the wind to calm down a bit and arrived at Hampton around 4pm.  The wind was about 20 knots but their was stronger wind at South Channel and Point Henry to I took out my Lithium 9 and my Firewire strapless board with the intention of brushing up my strapless skills.

I didn't make it out through the break however, losing my board in a wave. I walked over the first groyne to the new "windsports area" but there were more people on the beach and in the water there than on the north end of the new "swimmers only" zone.

Its tricky getting going in the shore break when strapless.   Broken waves pluck the board from your feet just before the water start.  I dropped my kite and had to then untwist the lines.  Eventually I got going and out to sea.  There was some reasonable swell.  My back held up well, although using the seat harness was not so good - I found it very restrictive compared to my waist harness.

I got some nice runs out and in and rode a few good swells.  Once again, it was just fantastic to be back on the water.

There were quite a few kiters and some windsurfers enjoying the wind and bay surf, but there were some big holes in the wind.

The newly announced "swimming and watersports" zones seem to be ignored by the majority of beach goers and kitesurfers.  There were kiters on the main beach and swimmers in the windsports zone.  Another kiter said that the Police had been down on the beach earlier.

If you go to Hampton PLEASE keep well north of the Lifesaving club and marked swimming area (yellow buoys) and keep well out of the way of anyone in the water or on the beach.


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