Friday, February 07, 2014

Back on the water kitesurfing at Hampton, woo hoo!

Session 278.  It was thirty three days after I fractured two transverse processes in my back.  I cycled to work 4 days during the week with my back feeling good.  The pain is gone but it aches when I stretch it.  It felt good after a gentle Yoga session on Friday 31/1.  A nice sea breeze of around 20 knots was still blowing after I got home from work so Stuart and I headed down to Hampton for a late session.

It was SO GOOD to get back on the water.  I was well powered on my Lithium 9 and the S-Quad.  Going out over the waves was a bit jarring so I took it easy, the run back in was cruisy.  Riding the big swells in with some nice carved turns was great.  

My cabin fever was cured!  

The wind was steady and strong and the water was warm.  We kited right up until dark with only us on the water.

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