Monday, June 02, 2014

Another bike crash, another broken bone

Its been a bad year for me so far regarding "accidents".  I was thinking that I had done well to get over two broken transverses process (back, January) then a fractured fibula (bike crash with car,  February).

But cycling to work on Tuesday 27/5, I was distracted while cycling along a short section of paved road in Ferndale Road approaching Glen Iris Road.  I hit the very nasty small speed hump there and came down hard on my right shoulder.

I have had some helpful suggestions about using trainer wheels, slowing down and stopping cycling.  I raced pushbikes on the road for over 10 years (one crash, wheel slipped on wet corner) and I have commuted for over 30 years with about 3 crashes and 2 serious injuries (both this year).

 I was travelling at 14km/h. The speed hump does not comply with Australian Design specifications and should be replaced as it is unsafe.

Broken shoulder - before
I was in pain and could feel a big lump on my shoulder, so I called Lena who picked me up and took me into Epworth emergency.  The x-ray showed a bad bread of my clavicle, requiring surgery to put in a plate. 

Not good, really not good . . .

I spend and uncomfortable night sleeping in the chair at home then want back to hospital on Wednesday for the operation.  It was a bit unnerving waiting all afternoon, but eventually they got to me.  I shuffled off the bed onto the operating table then awoke after the operation with the previous hour or so expunged from my consciousness.

Broken shoulder
I went home on Thursday after a night in hospital.  I have been carrying the arm in a sling and taking it out occasionally to keep it moving.  Regular strong pain killers are needed while it settles down and starts healing.

Shoulder - after operation
So once again I conclude that kitesurfing is safer than riding a bike around Melbourne.   I am counting down the days until I can get back on the water. Unfortunately, it could be a while.


tioma said...

Try homeopathy. You should be taking Symphytum 30C to hasten healing of the bone, Arnica for swelling and pain At the very least. You'll be surprised how much faster the healing is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Petr,

Sorry to hear you were involved in yet an other accident! I wish you a speedy recovery.

In Europe all is well, summer is around and I'm trying to start kite on a surfboard.

Challenging but such a nice feeling!

Any tips on how to tack, always welcome :).



Peter Campbell said...


I am recovering well thanks. Great to hear you are on the surfboard.

Gybing is hard to learn but easy once you have it!

Try carving a turn around to toeside then swap your feet.

Here are some more details

Peter Campbell said...

Tioma, thanks for the tips. I have been using a herbal cream for the bruising that has Arnica in it. I am still taking calcium supplements. Off the pain killers now and fairly mobile. But no kitesurfing yet - I have to wait until the plate comes out.