Saturday, January 14, 2017

Great kitesurfing in Aspendale waves and bonus downwinder to Frankston

Session 404.  A strong westerly blew most of the day.  I got down to Aspendale mid morning. James and Stuart were already out.  I was feeling a bit dubious about kiting after the last bad experience but didn't let that stop me.  Plenty of power from the 8m kite and quite good bay surf.  I caught some nice waves and kept outside the plethora of yellow poles marking swimming zones.  I only saw once person swimming, but some life saving clubs had flags up.

Nice bay surf at Frankston

I decided a downwinder was on so I came in and get my backpack, phone, money etc and headed back to the beach.  A beginner kiter was deciding whether to go out, Stuart and I advised him not to due to the waves and variable wind.

The downwinder was excellent.  Lots of waves and variety.  I passed a few locations where people were kiting.  The were some big waves occasionally.

Past Seaford pier I was concentrating on making it to Frankston and less concerned about surfing waves.  The waves in this section were a bit messed up anyway.

Coming into Frankston there were some kiters on the water and on the beach. One landed my kite which was nice.

Its always nice to arrive at your destination; this is great downwinder.

I packed my gear down just as a squall arrived then walked into Frankston for a coffee and muffin at the Coffee Club then caught the train back to Aspendale station.   The wind was still blowing when I got back to the car but I was happy with the days efforts so I headed home.

This is an excellent downwinder for your first one - there are very few obstacles (only Seaford Pier) and the train back to Aspendale station is very convenient if you don't have a car shuffle set up.


Heading off

Sorting gear on arrival

Coffee at Frankston!

Gear on the train


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