Saturday, January 28, 2017

Kitesurfing crosswinder to the channel and back from Hampton

Session 405. I returned from a camping holiday at Cape Paterson to find a welcome sea breeze on the bay.   The "windsports beach" at Hampton was crowded with sunbather so I launched just south of the groyne and ended up stepping over it as I was having difficulty getting around it on the water.

The wind strengthened so I did a solo crosswinder out to the shipping channel enjoying the solitude and the wide expanse of the bay.  I was heading directly towards a ship that was outside the channel heading south.  It slowed and stopped.  I crossed the channel then turned well before I got near it and headed back.

There are some really big bay rollers off Brighton a fair way out.  My return tack took me upwind past the Sandringham Yacht Club to Sandy beach, then I scored some nice swell downwind back along and past the breakwater.

Some adventure beats "mowing the lawn" (going backwards and forwards) at one spot.

Back on the beach, Anthony said he had kited right over a dolphin and her calf right inside the breakwater!  He was riding toeside then glanced down to see them underneath him.

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