Saturday, May 27, 2017

Dawn Patrol kitesurfing at Seaford

Session 415. On the water at 7:30 with the sun rising.  The northerly wind was light close to shore but much better further out, so I did some long tacks and enjoyed the solitude as I made my way upwind past Seaford pier, then surfed some nice swells back to the beach.

Tarren, James, Stu & Stu showed up and hit the water so it almost got crowded!

The water was fresh but not too cold and the morning sun was nice and the water very clean.

I enjoyed just cruising and peering down to Mornington - thinking that a downwinder to there would be good too, or maybe keep going to Rosebud?  Next time, maybe.

After the kitesurfing I drove down to Sport Phillip Marine in Mornington and bought a Forward WIP 50N Impact vest which has a couple of pockets built in to it which will be handy for carrying an EPIRB and some other items.  More on this later.

GPS log

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