Sunday, November 05, 2017

Kitesurfing Port Melbourne, Webb Dock, St Kilda tour

Session 423. A later afternoon session at Port Melbourne in a sea breeze. Tarren was leaving as I got there.  Plenty of wind for the 10m Union so I headed out for a tour.  I tacked out past Station Pier then across towards Webb dock then close to the channel.  No big ships about and good wind but its a dicey location, dropping a kite here would not be fun! 

I tacked back and headed to St Kilda, enjoying solitude on the bay.  There were surprisingly few kites out there.  I headed back surfing the bay swells and doing some jumps.

Self landing near the Port Melbourne Yacht club was tricky, the kite drifted then turned the other way. When packing up I noticed the leading edge had a 2cm cut and the bladder was visible, very lucky it didn't burst.  This needs a pro repair due to the tension in the leading edge.

A great session, touring is fun!



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