Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Kitesurfing Flinders West Head reef #541

Session 541. Kited the reef brake at Flinders West Head, enjoying some good waves. Stu S's kite detached when he dropped it and his safety broke (check your lines!). He wound in his bar and tried to sail it in, but lost it. I got the kite and dragged it in while Stu W took my board in.

It was hard work as the kite was partly powered. When winding in for a self rescue make sure you wrap the front lines for 3 meters first before you included the rear lines in the wrap.

I crashed my kite while dragging the other one and lost my GoPro, so there is no video footage.

I returned later and snorkelled around but couldn't find it.  There is a lot of weed on the bottom.  

Its a great location to kite but not too good if have to self rescue.

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