Thursday, January 13, 2022

Kitesurfing Walkerville South in gusty strong easterly #542

Session 542. A good south easterly was coming into Walkerville South. A kitesurfing was out, and another (Owen) was launching too.  I launched off the beach with my 8m kite but the wind wasn't strong enough close to the shore.  I ended up across the beach and decided to put up my 10m kite.

I got out on the 10m kite OK, but was a bit overpowered further out where the wind was much stronger.

Scored a few small waves along the reef.  Kiting further out was difficult due to the stronger wind two way swell - ocean swell wrapping around from the south and south east wind swell. 

The beach is good for launching when the wind gets in as long as its not too crowded.

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