Monday, January 10, 2022

Fliteboard at Aspendale - session 1

First session on my new Fliteboard Pro. 8 knots wind, there was a bit too much chop, its better to have flat water to make starting easier when learning.

I have the smaller Pro model board (67 litres) which is harder to learn on than the regular board (100 litres).  Once you are up and going the smaller board is better though.

I got going in prone position, then up on the foil which was very fast!

Kneeling was less scary and I had good control.

I lost Bluetooth control when the board nose dipped under the water, everything stops.

I had to get weight well forward on the board when prone to get planing.

The board stopped when I bailing off it.

First impressions - a bit tricky to get on the plane on the smaller board, then a lot of speed when on the foil.

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