Monday, November 06, 2017

Kitesurfing Sandy Point surf is a sublime experience

Session 424. Sandy Point delivers again - what a fantastic location for kitesurfing!  I got to the beach around 4 p.m. with the wind building.  There were a couple of other kiters out and 3 windsurfers were enjoying the waves too.

With my 10m kite being repaired, I was lucky that the wind was good for my 8m. I had plenty of power to get out and and around and not too much for surfing in.

The Sandy Point surf is excellent for kitesurfing - the waves don't close out so its easy to get out the back.  You can score some nice rides coming back in.   There is heaps of beach and its not crowded.

If you haven't been there its well worth a visit.

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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Kitesurfing Port Melbourne, Webb Dock, St Kilda tour

Session 423. A later afternoon session at Port Melbourne in a sea breeze. Tarren was leaving as I got there.  Plenty of wind for the 10m Union so I headed out for a tour.  I tacked out past Station Pier then across towards Webb dock then close to the channel.  No big ships about and good wind but its a dicey location, dropping a kite here would not be fun! 

I tacked back and headed to St Kilda, enjoying solitude on the bay.  There were surprisingly few kites out there.  I headed back surfing the bay swells and doing some jumps.

Self landing near the Port Melbourne Yacht club was tricky, the kite drifted then turned the other way. When packing up I noticed the leading edge had a 2cm cut and the bladder was visible, very lucky it didn't burst.  This needs a pro repair due to the tension in the leading edge.

A great session, touring is fun!



Saturday, November 04, 2017

Kitesurfing Hampton in a light sea breeze, nice to have a big kite

Session 422. A light sea breeze in the afternoon at Hampton so I took out my Oceon Rodeo Flite 14.5, a kite I really like.  The first run out and back was OK but close to marginal wind.  I waited for a while then the wind picked up and headed out again for a better session in good wind.

The large kite is very handy in these conditions, combined with the North Nugget board its a winner.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Kitesurfing a very gusty northerly at Seaford

Session 421. A solid northerly came in around noon.  I arrrived at Seaford at 3:00 p.m. with the wind blowing over 20 knots so I headed out on my Union 8.  I was well powered but able to catch some nice bay surf.  First session with shorty wetsuit and no booties - nice!  

The wind strength was building so I came in and changed to the lower knots to get some more wind range.  It was a good think I did as the wind kept getting stronger, which of course meant the waves were getting bigger.  

I spotted Stu Styles on the beach with his kite downwind and went down to have a look, he was getting ready to walk back.  

I found at after the session that he was struggling with the strong wind and had the kite high when it was yanked in a strong gust and the entire harness was dragged over his head and off him.  Its the first time I have ever heard of that happening.  

The kite sailed into the beach with the harness providing some tension in the lines. Luckily a beach goer secured the kite when it arrived.

I tacked back to our start point but as I arrived the wind got stronger again. I wasn't keen to risk trying to land the kite close to the fence so I deployed the safety and dropped it in the water then retrieved it by following the line in.

Wow, I need a smaller kite.  I wanted to get a 6m kite last year but they sold out, so I think I will grab one early this season.

Really nice to be on the water.  I took it easy in the strong wind and was glad I did.



Friday, September 29, 2017

Nice kitesurfing at Elwood, good wind, some waves and interesting new location

Session420. My first kitesurfing at Elwood and it was a good one.  The launch is bit sketchy.  While the beach is wide there are power lines close by.   Parking is very convenient if you are prepared to pay for ticket. Its Dan's local beach. He, Tarren and Athol were kiting there too.

I headed towards Brighton for my first tack in good wind then back towards St Kilda Marina.

There was small surf close to some reefs and the beach which was nice to play in. Elwood is a good location, I have kited past quite a few times but its the first time I have launched there.

There were quite a few walkers and dogs about but everyone got on fine.

The wind was quite consistent for a change.  My Union 10 was the ideal size for the day.

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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Fickle wind kitesurfing at Hampton but we got lucky

Session 419.  Spring has sprung but the sea breezes have not arrived yet.  Headed to Hampton for a session in frontal wind.   There were some nice atmospherics.   The first run out was good but the wind died on the way back.  I swam into the beach thinking it was all over. 

I packed up my lines and was about to go when the wind sprang up again, so Stu and I headed out for a well-powered session that redeemed our visit.   Check out the crazy wind graph!

The water was cool but not cold and the patches of sunshine were nice. 

I felt a bit "out of the groove" with so little kiting recently, so it was great to get out on the water .

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