Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Nice wind at Hampton made for a good kitesurfing session

Session 432. There was some good wind after a recent poor patch, frontal rather than a sea breeze. Great to get some good speed and high jumps.  Surfing the swell was good too.  I haven't been doing any tricks for a while (back roll, kiteloop etc) but have been thinking about incorporating a jump and loop in transition on the surfboard.  

I did a longer run out then back up to the marina, then back out and slalom turns back to the beach.

The wind dropped off a bit for the last bit of the session.  Chatted to Paul and Anthony on the beach about foiling.  Paul is up and going and loving it.  Anthony is learning.

The water at Hampton was quite clean compared with St Kilda where e-Coli levels are still high.



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