Sunday, December 24, 2017

Learning to foil at St Kilda - some good progress then a hamstring injury

Session 433. Foil 03. Headed to St Kilda for another foil board session. It was blowing around 20 knots most of the day so I chose my 8m kite.  I wore my 1mm wetsuit over my 2mm shorty for better leg protection.  I called in at The Zu Boardsports on my way to the water.

Ivan's tips were:
  • Move the foot straps on the board to their most forward setting
  • Concentrate on keeping the board level
With those in mind I navigated the learner kites along the shoreline and body dragged out to deeper water.

Success!  I was able to got up and going on a left tack - it was an amazing experience.  Once you are on the foil its like flying and completely smooth.  Its easy to go fast.  There is no pull on the harness and the dynamic between kite, board and water is completely different.  

I stacked, bailing off the board, then had a another go.  Heading back on the right tack was actually better - I was better able to control the board speed and keep the board close to the water.

Feeling confident, I did the walk of shame back for another run.  I got up on the foil again and was going fast, then had another big stack, catapulting off the board and looping the kite.  During the yank I felt a popping that seemed to be in my left hip and then there was pain.  I realised it was the hamstring and I had probably torn it so it was session over.

I am wondering why I didn't back the power off when I got going fast, its a similar problem I had when I was first learning to kitesurf and would get overpowered and crash. 

Its easy to underestimate the additional power on tap by having negligible resistance from the board.

I was able to gingerly pack up and walk back to my car.

Ivan's advice back at the shop was to NOT bail right of the board when crashing and to try to stay with it.

My left hamstring had been tight for a couple of weeks, I first noticed it in Perth.  In hindsight I may have had a Grade 1 hamstring injury, although I am not sure how.

Today, I appear to have  Grade 2 hamstring injury.  Its sore to move the leg in some directions and there is a painful region under my left buttock.  This could take a couple of weeks to heal . . . which is very disappointing.

C'est la vie.


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