Saturday, July 04, 2009

A cool westerly at Hampton

Session 47
  • Location: Hampton Beach
  • Wind: 12 to 15, westerly
  • Time: about 1 hour
  • Kite: Switchblade 14m
Some good wind was forecast today, so Stuart and I headed down to Hampton. There wasn't much wind when we arrived at about 10:45 but it looked like some might be coming so we rigged up. There was hardly enough wind to self launch. We got our kites in the air then did some slow and difficult runs in light wind along the shore, then walked back.

I ended up in the surf half beached with the small shorebreak pounding into the back of my head. Light wind really puts the focus on technique. You have to get board speed up to get going, and not try for to much upwind, or you just bog down and stop.

Reminder to learners: it is harder to learn in light winds.

I was contemplating having a go unhooked, but then the wind picked up. We both had several good runs out and back. Not quite enough for jumping. I am really glad I bought the 14m kite for days like this.

A squall was visible out in the bay which could have contained lightning and may have had stronger wind gusts, so we stopped at about 12:45, in time for me to race back and accompany Lena and Chloe to Princess Wishes (Disney on Ice) which was actually pretty good.

Stuart and I spoke about how great it was to get going for even a brief session, and the incredible buzz you get kitesurfing. We both compare it to the joy of skiing powder, and that its much easier and convenient to go kiting frequently than it is to seek out powder.

If you are thinking about taking up kitesurfing I really recommend you give it a try. Book some lessons and go for it.

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