Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Funky wind so far this season and summer has just arrived

It has been a strange start to this years kitesurfing season in Melbourne.  The normal sea breezes have not really kicked in yet.  There have been a few good days, but with many days of poor and erratic wind in between.

Tropical weather patterns have been bringing rain and storms from the north, which is great for breaking the savage 10 year drought we have had in Victoria, but not so good for kitesurfing.

Then when a southerly change arrives it comes as a storm too, with high winds and often more rain.  So far, the regular afternoon sea breezes have been few and far between.  The forecast from Seabeeze below illustrates this pattern.

Seabreeze forecast as at Wed 1 December 2010

There were very strong easterlies on Monday too, which are unusual for Melbourne.

Here's hoping the regular sea breezes kick in soon.

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