Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sandy Point in search of wind, we found some surf

We planned a trip to Sandy Point about a month ago and took a punt on the wind.  The forecast almost came good, but the wind certainly didn't on the weekend of 16-17 April.  Around this time of year, somebody flicks the "wind switch" off in Victoria.

We hung out at Shallow Inlet hoping for the wind to get stronger, to no avail.  Stuart cranked up his old Cabrinha 16m C kite but we couldn't get it going well in around 8 knots!

The inlet certainly is shallow, and usually gets very strong wind racing across the large sand bar that separates it from the sea.  Wilsons Promontory looms in the distance.

Grant and Stuart won the "crossing Shallow Inlet" competition gliding along slowly on a windsurfer.

We puttered around in my inflatable dinghy, did a bit of fishing then had a nice counter meal at the Fish Creek Hotel.

Sandy Point is a quiet place to hang out, but there is a good general store and cafe.  The burgers are great.

We had a nice surfing session on Sunday with just the four of us sharing a small break.  I was on by goat boat and having a good time, while the others got some good rides on a variety of larger boards.

Next time, we plan to watch the wind forecast more closely and only make the house booking in the final week.

Watching for the wind

Sandy Point Beach, Wilsons Prom in the distance

Sandy Point beach looking across to Waratah Bay

Shallow Inlet

 Shallow Inlet and the C kite

D'oh!  Not enough wind

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Unknown said...

Great stuff Peter, had a great time even though no wind. Still yet to try out my new mast! No mention of the Mozzie Massacre, may need to bring a saddle next time for some of them brutes!