Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A new helmet

I have just bought a new helmet - a Protec B2 Wake water helmet - to replace the old Gath surf helmet I have been using since I started kitesurfing.

The B2 Wake has much better padding inside it and a standard rating.  I have worn it once and it feels good.  It feels less like a space helmet on my head and is pleasant to wear.

It also has ear protection pieces that can be removed if you wish.

At around $120 from The Zu Boardsports I think it was good value.

 How much is your brain worth?

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Stephen said...

I had the previous model of that helmet. It's really comfy and lasted me a good 3 years.

I am now using a Bern Macon, looks awesome but the padding holds more water than the protec.