Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sailing for a change

There was some wind forecast for Saturday 15 October. Brendan, and friend with a lovely 25 foot wooden boat, was going out for a sail and invited me so I tagged along.

Carrado, a visiting Italian kitesurfer who contacted me via this blog, came along with his girlfriend too.

It was nice sailing out in 15 knots.  We heaved to and had some lunch out past the shipping channel.  On the way back the wind picked up to 25+ knots, which was quite exciting.  The boat handled it well and was sailing fast.

Stuart was kitesurfing at St Kilda and said people had to drop their large kites quickly when the storm front arrived.

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Free Sailboats said...

Whew, that must've been pretty exhilarating. I've never tried kiteboarding before so I would just have to add it to my list of must do's.