Monday, December 12, 2011

What do you think about a race board?

I am considering buying a race board.  I am going to try one first at The Zu boardsports.  They have an Airush Sector 60 on demo.

Airush Sector 60
Naish Venturi race board

Here is a video of one in action:

Some advantages I see are:
  • great for downwinders - long ones
  • good for low wind days - lots of bouyancy.
  • another variation to try out
  • handy if I ever want to have a go at course racing
  • good for speed runs - if I ever get to go out at Sandy Point.
Some disadvantages I see:
  • long fins - no good for shallow water
  • hard to turn/tack - gybe turn required?
  • an extra board to squeeze into the shed
  • not so easy to transport - long board and long fins
Have you tried one out?  Any comments or suggestions?

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