Sunday, February 03, 2013

Magical kitesurfing downwinder Aspendale to Mentone

Session 221.  Another glorious sea breeze and another glorious downwinder!  Stuart, James and I met at Mentone mid afternoon with the breeze just starting to pickup.  We left a two cars then drove the Aspendale (Gnotuk Ave) in my car.  The wind was good and getting stronger at Aspendale, so our downwinder was looking good.

After a few runs out and back in lovely clean water Franz showed up and headed out to join us.  We cruised down the line of good bay surf  downwind.  I did some big jumps on the surfboard and Franz did some huge jumps and a few back rolls.  

I had still plenty of power with my Lithium 12 fully de-powered - the wind was in the range 20 to 25 knots.  The surf was really good. I was able to ride a few good waves along the outer sandbar.  Franz and I tracked in close to the Patterson River, the back out to get around Mordialloc pier, giving the fisherman a wide berth.  

We cruised in on the swell towards the beach and back into the surf, then worked our way down the waves.  Cruising out west upwind the waves provided great ramps for jumps.  Going downwind south-west we could get some good rides.  I was getting in some nice right turns onto the steeper waves then riding them in.

We eventually made it to Mentone where once again there were quite a few kitesurfers about.  I did a run to the cliffs to ride the surf in there, then returned back to the landing spot. 

We all had a ball. Big smiles and happy faces! The car shuffle only took about 15 minutes.  

My forearms are sore again. They have been a bit tender after the marathon downwinder from Rosebud to Port Melbourne. I think a few rest days and some more yoga is in order.

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James Wollaston said...

Yep, that was a most excellent session alright!